5 Things to Know About Your Machine

5 Things to Know About Your Machine


1. Materials Matter  


Your thread, needles and bobbins can radically change the quality of your stitch - there are different weights of thread for different projects, different needles for different fabrics, and specific bobbins for each machine (we have more than 20 types of bobbins in our shop!)  Get the right pieces together from the start - we call this setting the table for success - ask us for help any time!



2. The Basics  


Your sewing machine uses two threads to form interlocked loops through a mechanical pattern that puts threads at specific places at a specific time.  Every machine follows the same basic process:  Thread leaves the upper spool, passes through tension to create a taught thread, into a swinging hook that creates a specific amount of slack, through a needle that delivers the slack through the fabric at the exact right time for a hook below the fabric to pick it up and loop the thread around a second thread.  Any issue with the timing, tension, or thread path can cause an interruption and a bad stitch as a result - a machine technician can resolve these issues.



3. Finely Oiled Machine


Sewing Machines need several different types of grease and oil to help keep everything working - and there are spots in the machine where a build up of dust and lint can soak up the oil that your machine needs to work well. Even though you might clean your machine weekly, an annual clean, tune, and oil in the hard to reach places can make your machine last nearly forever - we have plenty of 75 year old machines amongst the younger machines passing through our shop every year!



4. Dog Days of Sewing


Underneath the needle there is a sewing foot that holds fabric against the feed dogs. The dogs raise, grab the fabric and move it along to the spot where the needle goes through the fabric - the longer the stitch the bigger the step they take.  We help people learn to identify and use the dozens of feet that guide the fabric in different ways - bring your accessory box to your lesson and we can help you, too.



5. Marching and Side Stepping


Sewing machines add side to side movement to the steady march of your sewing machine, and the more complicated machines add forward and backwards steps or even march the fabric to the left and right as you stitch!  Knowing which stitch to use and when takes time and trials, but we are here to help you find exactly the right stitch.



If its time for your machine to get its annual clean and tune or you think it needs service give us a call to book an appointment! 

If you don't have a machine but are looking to get one, we have a few talented matchmakers who can guide you to the perfect machine for you, in almost any budget! All machines sold in our store are pre-serviced to ensure that everything is aligned and working properly and every machine purchased comes with never-ending machine lessons to accompany our wide variety of classes.



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Posted on 2022-05-27 16:41:22
Great explanation of the mechanical process - you make it very clear!


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