We offer pre-packaged batting in a variety of lofts, colours and sizes - from Craft to King size.

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Dream Cotton
This is a low loft cotton batting, meaning that it is lightweight and perfect for baby quilts, summer quilts, placemats and more! More
This is a low loft cotton batting, meaning that it is lightweight and ...
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Tips for Selecting Your Batting

Loft - Request vs. Select

Quilters Dream Cotton Request Batting is low loft. It is great for baby quilts, lightweight summer quilts, wearables, table runners/placemats! This loft is designed with hand quilters in mind but can also be used for machine quilting.

Quilters Dream Cotton Select Batting is mid loft. It is great for both hand and machine quilting. Fantastic for most quilts and wearables.

If you are craving a higher loft batting, consider using wool!

Colour - White vs. Natural

We recommend using white batting when you have white fabric in your quilt, this way, your whites stay bright and true to colour.

Fibre - Cotton vs. Bamboo vs. Wool

Cotton batting is a great all around choice for most quilts. It is soft, breathable and cozy. For a warmer cotton quilt, choose a higher loft batting!

Bamboo batting is made with a blend of bamboo, tencel, cotton and silk fibres which make the batting both strong and luxurious. Bamboo batting has a silky soft drape, is lightweight, and fabulous for summer quilts!

Wool batting is a great choice if you are looking for a more lofty, plush quilt. Our wool batting has a loft of more than ⅓”, so your finished quilt will be incredibly cozy. Wool battings are fantastic, as they are breathable but also insulate without adding extra weight.


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